Sunday, December 8, 2013

Currently December

With December being such a short month, our class is going to be jam-packed with activities galore for the next two weeks! I came in early over the break and decorated the room - it even snowed! (Well... it's fake snow, from a can, that doesn't melt!) While decorating, I had a neat idea for December. Why not ask Santa for a classroom Elf on the Shelf? So, I wrote a letter to the Elf Boss asking for the best behaved, well-trained, elf for our classroom to help monitor our students during this busy time of year. I addressed the letter to the North Pole, and hoped for the best. Wouldn't you know, this week, we had a special announcement that a package had arrived! It was Tinsel, our unique classroom elf, assigned from the Elf Boss at the North Pole to watch over our class. It was too perfect! Tinsel is making a great addition to our classroom. So far, he's really enjoyed "hangin' out" 

Unfortunately, in the chaos of the first day, one of my kiddos grabbed him from the box. Panic spread around the room - the story goes that you can't touch an elf, because they will lose their magic powers and won't be able to return to the North Pole each night to report back to Santa. Even though we were discouraged all day, we were greeted by Tinsel the next morning as he "hung out" under our whiteboard with a little note explaining that his boss was kind enough to provide him a second chance with some magic. (we could even see he was covered with sparkles - must have been his elf magic!) We are hoping for Tinsel to have an enjoyable stay with us for the rest of the month of December! I just hope he stays out of trouble!

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  1. Hi Miss S. We just had our elf arrive today, at the end of the we haven't had a chance to name him yet...or read a bit about him...hopefully we will have time in the morning to do all that and more! Enjoy the rest of your time with Jingle, and have a Merry Christmas!